Nature All Purpose

Combining nature's essence, HōMUplus+ Nature is made from naturally obtained certified organic ingredients. This "One Liquid, All-Purpose" solution not only can disinfect up to 99.9% but is also eco-friendly and free of harmful chemical substances. Nature comes in ultra-concentrated form; thus, it is more durable and economical compared to other products. It can also be diluted according to its wide range of uses. Its exclusive and unique formulation is safe for the environment and ecosystem, hence safe for use.

HōMUplus+ Nature All Purpose Product
  • Made from natural organic ingredients and has multiple purposes
  • Ultra-concentrated liquid, more durable, more economical and environmental-friendly
  • Antibacterial, removes bad odour, purifies the environment and drives off pests
  • Strong enough to remove tough stains but does not harm the skin nor pets
  • Effectively removes pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables
  • Suitable for home areas such as flooring, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, bathroom, etc.


Radix Sophorae Flavescentis

Radix Sophorae Flavescentis

Natural insect repellent

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera Extract

Antibacterial and accelerates wound healing

Lemon Extract

Lemon Extract

Whitening and neutralizing agent, anti-inflammatory and removes grease and bad odor

Deep Ocean Material

Deep Ocean Material

Deep cleaning

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Natural foaming agent, moisturiser and softener

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

Natural foaming and neutralizing agent

Dilution Suggestion

We recommend purchasing the spray bottle from 98 Percent for best results.

  1. Add 400 ml of water as per the highlighted level on the bottle.
  2. Add Nature concentrate into the bottle according to suggested proportion.
  3. Shake well before use.
How to dilute?
Dilution Ratio Clean Water Nature All Purpose
1:3 400ml pump 30 times / 120ml
1:5 400ml pump 20 times / 80ml
1:10 400ml pump 10 times / 40ml
1:20 400ml pump 5 times / 20ml
1:50 400ml pump 2 times / 8ml

Why is Nature All-Purpose more valuable?

Nature's ultra-concentrated form can be diluted into greater quantities and be used widely.


= 500ml

Dilution Ratio Nature 1L Nature 4L
1:3 Spray x8 Spray x32
1:5 Spray x12 Spray x48
1:10 Spray x25 Spray x100
1:20 Spray x50 Spray x200
1:50 Spray x125 Spray x500

Nature All-Purpose Concentrated Liquid Dilution Ratio

Ratio for Kitchen

1 : 3Kitchen

(Dining table/ Range hood)

Spray directly onto surface and wipe it off.

Ratio for Kitchen utensils

1 : 3Kitchen utensils

(Dishes/ Cutlery/ Knife and chopping board)

Remove the residues, spray directly on the kitchen utensils or sponge, wash and rinse with water.

Ratio for Industrial Machinery

1 : 3Industrial machinery

(Grease and dirt/ Stainless steel surface)

Spray directly onto surface, wipe with cloth or brush if necessary.

Ratio for Agriculture

1 : 5Rice grains, fruits and vegetables

Spray directly on the fruits and vegetables and rinse with water.

Ratio for Baby Products

1 : 5Toys/ Milk bottle/ Pacifier

Spray directly to sterilize, brush and rinse with water, then rinse again with boiled water.

Ratio for Pets Grooming

1 : 5Showering of pets

Wet pet with warm water, apply and rub onto pet’s body, then rinse with warm water to prevent ticks and fleas.

Ratio for Home Furniture

1 : 5Leather and wooden furniture/ Sofa/ Electrical appliances/ Refrigerator

Spray directly onto surface and wipe with a damp cloth.

Ratio for Metallic Accessories

1 : 5Car/ Accessories/ Watch

Car: spray directly and rinse; Accessories & Watch: dip in diluted solution, rinse then dry with cloth

Ratio for Carpet

1 : 5Carpet

Wet soiled area with hot water, spray directly and brush with circular motion, then clean with wet cloth.

Ratio for Bathroom

1 : 5Bathroom/ Toilet bowl/ Tile

Spray directly onto surface, brush and rinse with water.

Ratio for Insect Repellent

1 : 10Environmental purification/ Pest prevention

Spray directly into air, any areas or on insects such as mosquitoes or cockroaches.

Ratio for Air purification

1 : 20Air purification

Spray generously into air.

Ratio for Flooring

1 : 50Stone tile/ Wooden floor/ Glass surface

Pour the concentrate into a bucket and mix well, wipe directly with a mop or a damp cloth; spray directly onto glass surface, then wipe with cloth.

Ratio for Machine Wash

Machine Wash

(Baby clothes and lingerie / Bedsheets)

Can be used with HōMUplus+ detergent powder, add Nature All Purpose concentrate for sterilization and antibacterial purposes

Ratio for Daily Hand Wash

Hand Wash

(Baby clothes and lingerie / Sweater)

Can be used with HōMUplus+ detergent powder, wet the clothes and add Nature All Purpose concentrate for sterilization and antibacterial purpose


Warning: Do not ingest

If accidentally ingested, drink a significant of water or seek for medical advice immediately.

Results Prior To and After Usage

Before & After : Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits

Upper Row: Washed with clean water

Lower Row: Washed with Nature All-Purpose



Left: Washed with clean water

Right: Washed with Nature All-Purpose

Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless Steel Pan

Left: Washed with clean water

Right: Washed with Nature All-Purpose


Tap Limescale

Left: Washed with clean water

Right: Washed with Nature All-Purpose


Tiles Grout

Left: Washed with clean water

Right: Washed with Nature All-Purpose


Scratches Sink

Left: Washed with clean water

Right: Washed with Nature All-Purpose